Royal Migration Solutions Dubai

Posted on March 13, 2021
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Royal Migration Solutions Dubai

Why Royal Migration Solutions for Immigration Solution?

Royal Migration solutions Dubai is one of the renowned companies with more than 17 years of experience in the immigration industry. They provide high-quality service and this can be judged by going through the Royal Migration solutions Reviews and Royal Migration Dubai reviews. Their every consultant is excellent because they go through a six-month internal training program consisting of eight different courses. The consultants and lawyers sign on the immigration papers and help to gain knowledge about immigration processes step-by-step. They are also responsible for fostering interaction with clients, and they are always available for client support.

Services Offered by Royal Migration Solutions Dubai:

Royal Migration solutions provides a free assessment of client’s immigration eligibility by offering professional immigration ratings and assessing client’s qualification according to the immigration policies. The farm ensures an easy and hassle-free experience by answering all the queries that’s why they don’t have any Royal migration Complaints on their website. The team communicates with all the immigration visa offices around the world. Whether you want a student visa or a permanent visa, Royal migration Dubai will help you get your desired visa around the world. Their websites are full of Royal migration reviews, and royal migration solutions review given by the satisfied clients who took their services.

Easy and Secure Payment Options:

They offer both online and offline payment options for clients. You can check Royal migration Google reviews to know more about their payment procedures. There are no Royal migration complaints on their site regarding money or other immigration processes. check royal migration solutions reviews online.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Royal migration solutions Dubai provides a full refund if their Board of Directors thinks that they provided wrong information during the process, which led your case to be rejected. If governing authority rejects your case for any reason, then you will get a 50% refund from the firm (it varies from case to case). You can cancel the visa applications within 48 hours from payment after the initial consultation.

Review & Rating

39 Reviews

  • 39 Ratings
  1. 5
    Jamal Khan Jan 13, 2022

    Royal Migration Dubai - Best Company

    I recommend Royal Migration Dubai without any doubt and hesitation. I am very impressed by the great service of this company. I was connecting with them for the visa purpose and I am totally satisfied.

  2. 1
    Dec 26, 2021

    Royal migration is a big big big and fraud company

    If you have too much money then go to royal, there sitting everyone froud, anyone needs proof to contact me 0552112262 not only me thousands of people crying after paying the money

  3. 1
    Khan Dec 23, 2021

    You will cry on the day ,you was born if you go Royal migration

    Dear Folk !!!

    Please trust on me!

    Don't go to Royal Migration with any good hope.

    You will repent on yourself and on that day, you were born.

    I sold my mobile phone,my mom jewellery and my 2 month salary to pay the initial amount which was +6500 AED to start my case file for CANADA.

    They promise me for refund the money after 1 year or 8 month, if I not get work visa.

    I paid the money with lots of dream and Hope's for better future 4 year back.

    First one year, they were keep send me fake emails that, your application is reviewed by many companies and you are going to get a job. They lift me until 7th sky for 1 year,
    After that, They start tortured me lot lot and lot, They stopped sending emails, they stopped doing call, they changed my visa process manager 4 time without giving me any notifications.
    And all Visa process manager are differently chosen,
    1st one will show you dream
    2nd one will give you hope that, you are very of your good days.
    3rd, one will hurt you little bit with saying that, you application is stable not any change, but we guarantee you get 30 reviews by different companies, so you will get job.
    Now, 4th one is dangerous one, he will tell you that, your application is in process and we can't let you know all the time new news , wait until we call you, then you will call after 3 month or 4 month, then you will insist them that, i opened the file from 4 year, please refund me, then they will say, No Refund , do whatever you want , but no money.

    After you will beg to them like beggar to ask your money which you paid, after selling your mother jewellery.
    Now this 4th person, will shout at you and let you know that, you are insect for them, and you can't take back your money. And he will say, I am not responsible for anything of you, if I'll get any news ,I'll send you email.

    What kind of customer Service is this guys???

    Once in a time, in 2020 my mother was going through by serious illness, I requested Royal migration to refund my money as they promised verbally that, we will return your money.
    Then they will said, You are not eligible to take any money from us, and the person you talked first when you came to open your file, he has left the company and I don't know to him, who was that. And he told me , you have in written , we will refund your money after deduct 5% vat, ....then you will cry on the day , you were born.

    I was begging, crumbling to them please return my money, then Royal migration visa process manager told me that, Firstly you can't take money , or if in case my senior will decide to give you refund, then you will get after deduction 50% which they told me 5% vat on 1st day now become 2800 AED, from 4500AED

    I Said to him give me , give me 2500 AED, I no need 2800 AED, then he said ok , after I called them again ,then they didn't take my call, I tried 10 times to calling them, then next day they send email, not phone, they send email, and told me, we can't give you any money.

    UFF my dear folk, my brothers my sister, I went to my country to see my mom , and I sold my land for treatment of my mother. But they didn't pay me single money.

    I was crying crying, requesting, and telling them ,please I beg you, but visa process Manager become very rude on me and start shouting that, don't disturb me and showing himself that, he is the men.

    AT THE END, Please Please Please don't go to them , they are not loyal, Don't trust on them on the based of religion or country or food or anything.

    The first guy to whom I paid initial money, he told me trust me men, I am from your country, and other things are also we have equal, how can I deceive you. But look!!! What they did.

    Yes, I am stupid, I am mindless, but I want you to not be stupid. I want to take my parents on pilgrimage and want to live better life. For that, I sold my everything. But I got only Tension, And Tortured, I was not sleeping all the night. Because for me , it was huge money. My total monthly salary was 1500 ,AED, as it was my 5 month salary

  4. 2
    Dec 10, 2021

    Lack of commitment and Tranparency

    They were good in preparation and guiding the needed documents and ILETS but for more than a year nothing happened and the whole got dragged.

    Avoid them and save your money.

  5. 5
    Glass Care Dec 06, 2021

    Thank You Royal Migration for your Help

    Thank You Royal Migration for your Help about my profile. I must say Royal Migration Dubai is one of the honest Visa Company.

  6. 1
    Nov 07, 2021


    My IELTS and ECA report about to expired the consultant assure me that there is no need for these for AINP unless you got the job , secondly they will not give you the contract without payment after my case assigned to processing team from first day they ask for the documents to submit otherwise the case cannot be processed (gave reference of the contract which they didn't provide before payment) , after several reminders they close my case and eat all my money ..... it is a Fraud company I am the victim and request all new comers who want to open file with them please change your decision and dont give a single peny to these cheaters

    I asked them I will going to do the IELTS and ECA renewal coz I was stuck in home country due to COVID situation they said Management decided to close your case and your money is not refundable,

  7. 1
    Oct 30, 2021

    Please Stay Away....they are scammers

    Please kindly stay away from this company. They are scammers and would take your money without offering what you paid for. I started my Canada process with them since 2018 and they keep asking me to provide my documents, which I did.

    In 2020, they told me that I had reached the final stage of the process and I'm only waiting for my LMIA. But in September, they called me again, asking me to cancel the Canada application and switch to Poland that it's only 3 months process. I gave them the benefit of doubt and switched to Poland which I had to pay additional money.

    It's over a year now and I still have not got any Polish visa and they don't want to refund my money totalling AED8000. I've have visited their office on many occasions asking for my money but they said to my face that I cannot get my money. Guys forget about other reviews that says otherwise. They are fake Migration company with impolite and incompetent staff. I'm begging you... please stay away and be warned.

    For me, they don't even deserve one single star but because you can't post without any ⭐.

  8. 5
    Mumtaz Qasim Oct 19, 2021

    Perfect Services and Experienced Staff

    Royal migration solutions Dubai are one of the best migration services providers I am also thinking to Migrate in 6 months but unable to find a perfect migration services provider and they fulfill that mainly for me and provide me the best and for pet migration services and responsible for my successful migration to my dream country

  9. 1
    Mohamed Khan Oct 07, 2021

    They are fraud.

    They are fraud. At first they will tell you yes-u can apply for PR, blah blah blah then later on ask you to pay again to apply for work permit(if u got PR, u can refund the payment of work permit, if you got ur work permit-u can refund PR payment) but in reality they will just eat your money. Don't believe Royal migration. You can NEVER refund your money…

  10. 1
    Bimal Shakya Oct 07, 2021

    This company is cheater in dubai

    This company is cheater in dubai i dont why dubai government not taking action against these compny.I wish who take my money specially silpa G Nirali may god give them very big ponishment.more than the money they should lost on thier life. I think they are indians they are putting thier countrys reputation also down. Same on you guys. Guys if you want to immigrate if there is indian people never apply. Indians are fraud.

  11. 5
    Binod Hayer Sep 30, 2021

    Perfect Services at Very Reasonable Chardges

    I am thinking of migration to my dream country for 5 months but I am unable to do it due to multiple circumstances then I contact Royal Migration Dubai and they provide me very best immigration services with the accident and perfect staff at very reasonable charges

  12. 1
    Bimal Sep 30, 2021


    This company is cheater in dubai i dont why dubai government not taking action against these compny.
    I wish who take my money specially silpa G Nirali may god give them very big ponishment.more than the money they should lost on thier life. I think they are indians they are putting thier country's reputation also down. Same on you guys. Guys if you want to immigrate if there is indian people never apply. Indians are fraud.

  13. 4
    Mohammad Maanee Sep 26, 2021

    Best service provider with too helpful staff

    Royal migration solutions Dubai are one of the best migration services providers I am also one of their satisfied customer to which they provide very best and perfect services and I had a great experience with them and as for my recommendations everyone who is planning to migrate should I take the immigration services from them.

  14. 5
    Zaria Samad Sep 19, 2021

    Super fast migration service provider really very happy with their services

    I am planning to migrate to a new country for 2 years but I am unable to migrate because it is not an easy task to handle all the work and then arrange all the documents of a legal and successful migration so I contact Royal migration solutions to buy and they arrange all the documents very soon and at last plan a successful migration for me.

  15. 5
    Aban Qadir Asghar Sep 15, 2021

    Best migration services provider

    I am trying to migrate to a new country for three years and then I found Royal migration solutions Dubai reviews very positive and after contact with Royal migration solutions Dubai they provide me very fast services for perfect and legal migration and with their best services I moved to my dream country successfully.

  16. 1
    Vivin Sep 10, 2021

    Don't trust on Royal Migration

    Don't trust on Royal Migration. Behind Royal Migration are people are fraud. they will talk very nicely from begining after that they will sent some fake messages like 5 or 10 company interested on your profile.

  17. 4
    Abdullah fakruddin Sep 06, 2021

    Best and Very Experienced Staff

    Royal migration solutions Dubai is the perfect place to migrate with royalty because they provide the best and royal services to their customers I also migrate to my dream place with the services of royal migration Dubai and they provide me the best service without moving here and there so as per my good experience I also recommend others to use royal migration solutions Dubai services

  18. 4
    Akram Aug 24, 2021

    Very Best and Genuine Services

    Royal migration solutions Dubai is listed in one of the best migration companies and as per their good services and well-behaving staff they are listed on the top except for their best staff they also provide very fast and good services to their customers I also had a great experience with them they arrange all my visa and other needed documents for me only in 7 days and without any extra charges

  19. 5
    Akram Hamad Aug 12, 2021

    Best Services with Excellent Staff

    I am planning to migrate to Dubai for the last 2 years but due to any documents I was not able to do so I contacted Royal migration solutions Dubai for help and they provide me the complete documents in 2 weeks only their staff is also very well-behaving and experienced in their work I was very satisfied with their service

  20. 4
    Jamshed Sheikh Aug 01, 2021

    Tge very super fast service provided by Royal Migration Dubai

    Me and my family wanted to shift in Germany, but still does not able to get the visa for moving then i found Royal Migration solutions Dubai. The company is unknown for me so i searched Royal Migration solutions Dubai reviews on the web that was helped to trust on Royal Migration solutions Dubai and the organization give our in just 10 days. Thank you Royal Migration solutions Dubai.

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