You will cry on the day ,you was born if you go Royal migration

Dear Folk !!!

Please trust on me!

Don’t go to Royal Migration with any good hope.

You will repent on yourself and on that day, you were born.

I sold my mobile phone,my mom jewellery and my 2 month salary to pay the initial amount which was +6500 AED to start my case file for CANADA.

They promise me for refund the money after 1 year or 8 month, if I not get work visa.

I paid the money with lots of dream and Hope’s for better future 4 year back.

First one year, they were keep send me fake emails that, your application is reviewed by many companies and you are going to get a job. They lift me until 7th sky for 1 year,
After that, They start tortured me lot lot and lot, They stopped sending emails, they stopped doing call, they changed my visa process manager 4 time without giving me any notifications.
And all Visa process manager are differently chosen,
1st one will show you dream
2nd one will give you hope that, you are very of your good days.
3rd, one will hurt you little bit with saying that, you application is stable not any change, but we guarantee you get 30 reviews by different companies, so you will get job.
Now, 4th one is dangerous one, he will tell you that, your application is in process and we can’t let you know all the time new news , wait until we call you, then you will call after 3 month or 4 month, then you will insist them that, i opened the file from 4 year, please refund me, then they will say, No Refund , do whatever you want , but no money.

After you will beg to them like beggar to ask your money which you paid, after selling your mother jewellery.
Now this 4th person, will shout at you and let you know that, you are insect for them, and you can’t take back your money. And he will say, I am not responsible for anything of you, if I’ll get any news ,I’ll send you email.

What kind of customer Service is this guys???

Once in a time, in 2020 my mother was going through by serious illness, I requested Royal migration to refund my money as they promised verbally that, we will return your money.
Then they will said, You are not eligible to take any money from us, and the person you talked first when you came to open your file, he has left the company and I don’t know to him, who was that. And he told me , you have in written , we will refund your money after deduct 5% vat, ….then you will cry on the day , you were born.

I was begging, crumbling to them please return my money, then Royal migration visa process manager told me that, Firstly you can’t take money , or if in case my senior will decide to give you refund, then you will get after deduction 50% which they told me 5% vat on 1st day now become 2800 AED, from 4500AED

I Said to him give me , give me 2500 AED, I no need 2800 AED, then he said ok , after I called them again ,then they didn’t take my call, I tried 10 times to calling them, then next day they send email, not phone, they send email, and told me, we can’t give you any money.

UFF my dear folk, my brothers my sister, I went to my country to see my mom , and I sold my land for treatment of my mother. But they didn’t pay me single money.

I was crying crying, requesting, and telling them ,please I beg you, but visa process Manager become very rude on me and start shouting that, don’t disturb me and showing himself that, he is the men.

AT THE END, Please Please Please don’t go to them , they are not loyal, Don’t trust on them on the based of religion or country or food or anything.

The first guy to whom I paid initial money, he told me trust me men, I am from your country, and other things are also we have equal, how can I deceive you. But look!!! What they did.

Yes, I am stupid, I am mindless, but I want you to not be stupid. I want to take my parents on pilgrimage and want to live better life. For that, I sold my everything. But I got only Tension, And Tortured, I was not sleeping all the night. Because for me , it was huge money. My total monthly salary was 1500 ,AED, as it was my 5 month salary