Worst hospital

Worst hospital to be at. Even though they multi specialities and Superspeciality but care is below par any international standards. Which I can tell as Being a doctor in a foreign country. Brought my ailing father to this hospital, got the worse possible care. Some doctors are very good but they failed to diagnose a problem on admission which no body could miss on full examination . They took 2 days to do an Echo. Doctors are telling they had to push surgery department to do surgery 4 days after the admission which is a medical emergency and need to be done with in 6 hours to diagnose. Some doctors and some support staff is very rude. Private rooms are worse, there is no communication between the staff. Staff didn’t even follow the doctors orders properly. Equipment malfunctioned too often. Staff didn’t listen to family members. Some doctors were rude as well. This hospital is just money minting machine without providing any quality care. Insensitive and no empathy. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to take their family members to this hospital.