Victims of Pacific Migration scam

***Contact us at We are fighting to recover our money.***

We are all victims of the Pacific Migration SCAM. We are all filing a case against PMS with Dubai government for cheating innocent people in the name of immigration. These people are raising their working capital by cheating innocent people and running this Ponzi scheme. They are also operating with different agency names in Dubai.

We request all the people who fall under the below categories to contact us at

1. People who have paid an enormous sum of money to PMS in the name of immigration, visa, and there on are not getting any response from these frauds.
2. People who have managed to get the refund approval and still waiting for a refund.
3. People who are being threatened by these frauds for not refunding the money.
4. The process has been going on for a long time, and there is no proof of progress.
5. The timeline has elapsed for people who have been given the 100% money refund guarantee.

Contact us at We are fighting to recover our money.