Took my 2B license with CDC

Took my 2B license with CDC! The school instructors are well skilled, attentive and approachable. Classes and revisions were relatively easy to book through the mobile app. Don’t let the fact that the circuit is not sheltered hinder you from learning here – it’s good for real life training anyway! Thank you to Madam Sufi & all the Sirs (Rafik, Edwin, Ridwan, Mus, Ronald, Bahtera, Nazar, Azhar, Mr Husni, & many more sorry did not get everyone’s names!) for making this experience a good one!! Still amazing to look back at how I’ve gone from not even being able to mount/dismount a bike without trembling and panicking, to being able to do all the circuit courses n flying down expressway at over 80kmph. Thank you Bukit Batok Driving Centre