This company is a fraud

Let me clarify a very simple response to your I am a fake review from a competitor. You have purposely missed 2 court dates to avoid your comeuppance. You are quick to let people know that I am a fake review instead you could have refunded my money when you knew you was in the wrong and not ICCRC registered. Instead you dragged this out. The court case alongside many people that are in the same position of being scammed will come back to bite you. Let me REMIND YOU, you laughed at me and said see you in court RAJ aka NAMAN SINGH. Eat your own words 🙂


Guys after fighting for years when they blamed me for providing incorrect documents. I have finally got the evidence I needed. They will ask you to sign a form that legally absolves them from the application. They never sent the form to me and they signed themselves. The reason for this is that as soon as you put down Global Migrate as your representative you get an automatic 5 year ban which is what happened to me!! They cannot submit any applications to Canada legally. IT IS ILLEGAL AND YOU WILL GET A 5 YEAR BAN. I have attached my ban after paying thousands of pounds to find out what went wrong. They have been threatening me not to post the evidence and laughing at me and say see you in court! STAY AWAY! SCAM!!