Such a unreliable consultant

uch a unreliable consultant. They are not what they speak. On your first meeting, they will assure you that you are the one who Canadian immigration is looking for or just to make sure that you don’t run away by paying them, they will create an atmosphere that you believe that only they can handle your application. In reality, they will not even do a single task for your application other than assigning a useless case manager who will keep sending you same updates for months and years. We (myself and wife) wasted my 3 years with them for AIPP program and before the update was monthly, then gone to once in 3months and then no update for over 6months. Whenever we ask or call them, the case manage is busy and will revert on email. Bulls***. Please guys save your money and time a. Don’t get trapped.
Riyaz H was our processing manager. They are really trained how to trap people. Fraudsters!!!!!