Really Bad Experience with Visa Source

I have really bad experience with my visa source. Its being 2 months , I am crying , begging in front of there team members to apply my application files for my parents on my convocation . My convocation is really big movement for me and my family . I want to see my family on my convocation. But its being almost 2 months they did not care about that and till now they did not apply application. With this current situation, i am sure no one will be there on my convocation due to visa source. I paid all installment on time provided all the documents to them on time so that i can see my family here on my convocation. They still keep saying its in document process. They shared their audit documents with me few days before there are couple of mistakes are there for example they enter my dad and mom marriage date different on online portal. Apart from that they did other mistakes . I am requesting everyone is anyone can help me here i really really want to see my family on my convocation. My father is heart patient i want to treat him as well. Please help me what i can do now?

I really appreciate work of Angel during initial conversation . She is really helping.