Professional Scamers


Please be careful they are professional scammers, most of the reviews written here are fake they paid for it, I have paid 9000+ riyals for a service that I easily could have done by myself but I did not know any better at the time, so I got taken advantage of, they will tell you everything that you want to hear just to make you pay in advance, one of them named Udai even made a fake telephone call to a client while I was in their office saying that everything is going good to the client as part of their scam, another employee started asking me about my financial status before even knowing any information about me, they will tell you that they are regulated and have the license in so and so country and show you a lawyer that they are using as a front guy and as soon as you ask them about their success rate they will shift the Conversation to another direction that will help them continue the scam.

I’m sure they will reply here, and deny everything I wrote but I have all the evidence to show,
please don’t be the next victim.

Please please please be careful.