paid $1,000 and generated no conversations or dates in 3.5 weeks

I paid these folks $1000 and they did not generate any conversations or dates in 3.5 weeks. I repeatedly asked them not to take over existing conversations that I had going that they didn’t start and they did this repeatedly. I asked them not to talk about a painful childhood memory that they asked me about and they wrote it into one of the first profiles they wrote for me. The touch ups on my pictures were legit but this people ruined more matches than they generated. They did not carry on any conversations, they would send 2-3 messages to a girl and stop communicating after that. Not sure how they have this many good reviews on here. Their process is “give us $1000 and we’re taking over your dating profiles and you’d better stay off them and stay out of our way, and don’t expect anything for the first month, we really need at least two months to generate dates.” Those are some of the points they told me directly over the phone. They said weird things to girls, like “hey how about that super bowl” when I myself actually didn’t watch the game and “you like traveling? how do you like Italian food?”. At least I got a refund for the remaining balance, but this was not worth the trouble. I reviewing here because you can’t review them on google.