Pacific Migration is number 1 Fraud company in UAE

Don’t trust these frauds who are writing positive reviews about Pacific Migration. If you want to lose your peace of mind, money, and precious time. Just pay your money to these frauds.

Pacific Migration Modus operandi

1. They will call you and tell you that your profile is extremely good and you have a very good opportunity to get your visa.
2. They will tell you that as per their associate you have a job offer ready and you just need to sign up and receive the job offer details.
3. Till you pay the money they will wash your legs and drink that water every day.
4. Once you pay the money you are dead for them. They will never pick up the call or respond to the emails.
5. I am writing this based on my experience with them and I am still stuck with them. Whenever I recall the huge amount I paid to them, I want to write my experience and help other innocent people falling into the trap.

I hope I was able to save a few people who have read this review.