On the afternoon of Friday,

On the afternoon of Friday, April 15, 2022, Easter Weekend with tax day on the following Monday, I received a critical tax document that was not dated, had no preparer signature or identification, and no CPA license number was printed on the company letterhead. I phoned the CPA firm and no one answered. I left a voice message. No one returned my phone call until I called and left another voice message on April 18, 2022, because yet again, no one answered the firm’s mail phone line. But this time the Senior Partner returned my phone call. The ill timed, unprofessionally prepared tax document was in fact prepared by the Senior Partner and another critical tax document had been prepared for my adult son. He explicitly told me. Yet, an hour earlier my adult son had phoned this CPA firm and he was explicitly told by “Nadia” that they had never heard of him, or any other name he provided. “Nadia” denied that her CPA firm prepares and distributes tax documents that are undated, unsigned and lack a CPA License number. My son was turned away empty handed.
It was a lie. They had prepared his document yet they lied to him. This CPA firm lied to my son about a critical tax document on tax day!!! This Senior Partner then refused to email the critical tax document to my adult son on April 18th to mitigate damages and give him a chance to file his 2021 taxes. My son was unable to file his 2021 taxes without that document and since he still does not have it, his 2021 taxes have still not been filed. It will take weeks and involve tax attorneys and other CPAs to determine if the document I received is even accurate.