my view on fx pro

How can one reviews fxpro to somebody that is not very knowledgeable about the forex industry? I would say that it’s:
1) Safe. I hardly met a fxpro client that has a complaint about the security of the broker. How can you not be with this regulation? The credibility of the company leaves no sense of uncertainty whatsoever.
2) Professional. For me professionalism can mean couple of things:
– the approach to trading experience. If you take fxpro from a trader’s pov, it’s about instruments and the execution convenience of your strategy on these instruments.
– the client oriented service. Ability to arrange the support of the customers at any point is a vital thing.
3) Informative. I’m not talking about the education articles or videos. The internet is full of these stuff nowadays. Mabe two decades ago traders were lacking information, but now it’s excessive. Good analysis though is not something you can meet often. Fxpro can provide with both fundamental and technical analysis. It’s constantly updated, as nobody needs the analytics.