My Experience was very bad with this hospital

My Experience was very bad with this hospital . I Know they are our front liner helpers and I respect them but the experience matters so sharing thanks.
We admitted my sister in this hospital in July’21 for typhoid fever, after after 2 days of admission they had a problem with me because one of argument between us. The argument was “Why i am asking hospitals facility charges and asking for transparent treatment (In sought mood no offense)”
Then they not even pulled us from hospital even they use their power to not admit my sister in any of District hospital (Chiranjivi,kalindi some more) in Faizabad UP.
They don’t cared what is the state of patient , they speed up blood flow for patient they said ” yahan se jaao chaho maro ya jio (in hindi) ”

Then we came to different district of UP (not saying name because they might have power enough to harsh us here as well) She had a stone in her gallbladder and because of gas she had fever and now surgeon treated stone and now al well.

An small argument + with lady + high ego + materialistic thinking + lack of knowledge + RESERVATION