Hi I am Dhananjay

Hi I am Dhananjay, I know Physiocure since 2016 my wife had knee surgery she was not in a position to bend her leg more than 45 degrees but after physiocure treatment she can sit on the floor with folded legs. I was suffering from lower back pain since June 2022 and my orthopaedic doctor advised me to go for physiotherapy for two weeks but after one week Dr Pradnya and Dr Amit has told me that you are getting temporary relief. After getting MRI report my orthopaedic doctor advised me to go for PLIF SURGERY (spine) I had PLIF SURGERY in the month of JULY 2022 .Post surgery Physiocure has gave me home treatment and now I am happy to say I have recovered more than 90% within three months treatment. I appreciate efforts taken by Physiocure Team Dr. Amit.Dr.Madhura Dr.Ritu and specially DR.PRADNYA.