come at your own risk.

1) they will take your NRIC and fill in every single detail about you on their form – address, full name, chinese name. why is my address and chinese name even needed? (hello PDPA where??)

2) asks for your INCOME LEVEL – why?? so you can sell me expensive packages??

3) conveniently decides a treatment plan for me and insists on getting me to go along with it, without even telling me the price. when i said no, her tone changed 180 degrees and went WHY?

4) came in accusing me of audio recording. gosh, her tone was hideous. came barking at me as if i just committed a crime. insisted to check my phone (lack of privacy and human rights here), when no recording was found, not a single apology was given. she simply shut up and said “ok go to your treatment now”

5) refused to destroy my personal details (that they collected earlier) when i decided not to do the treatment anymore, given how i was treated.

staff overall lack basic courtesy and it’s so prevalent here that they don’t really care about you (not even trying to put on an act 🤡) and just want to suck your money.

i know beauty salons are all about the hardsell and can be quite despicable, but wow this shop went even lower than that, i never imagined this could be possible.