Bottomslim Novena worst experience of service

It is a very bad experience. Out of shyness I signed for the package, even thou I am not comfortable and really hurting during the trial sesaion. The lady is too persuisive, actually she keep on saying degrading words about my appearance, so in the end I signed up. The first session with payment, they forgotten about me inside the room for 30 min. Since they say sorry, I forgive them. The following week, the treatment is the same procedure but the standard is way low to the trial seaaion. Not the same as the first two. The next week, I booked for arms and tummy, but when I was all changed and lying then only yold me the tummy is unavailable. They wasted my time of coming for arm session that only last few minutes, to think that I stay quite far that’s why I made it sure that I am booking for multiple parts. After I mentioned on their whatssapp number my experience, the response to me is they’re sorry with wink emoji. After receiving that I said I am cancelling the following day schedule. It was only seen. The response was sent to me tge following day with caps letters of OKOK.
I am going to cancel my signed package. The ladies are too unprofessional and the standard service promised is not complied.