Bhtani on way to bankruptcy

This group is exploiting middle income group by way of mouth watering offer of upfront interest discount. What they do is to inflate the basic price and then offer discount mean the discount is only psychological to trap the small investors. They offer that there will be Hassel free refund within 30 day from the date of cancelation if investor change their mind.
I was also trapped this way as I had kept the fund for my daughter’s higher study before booking a unit in cyberthum project I told them if my daughter get selected for IIM then I will cancel the booking and they assured me that in that case they will process the refund within 15day. On this assurance U paid rs 1 lac cheque in March 2022 and fortunately my daughter got selected for admission . Since April 2022 i am regularly chasing them for refund they even assured me over mail on 6th Aug 2022 that I will get refund on 30th Sept2022 but inspite of my regular reminder they have not refunded money.
If a company canot refund even 1 lac so I doubt it has gone bankrupt. Please don’t get trapped .
Sanjay Jaiswal