If you want your hard earned money to go down the toilet, I would recommend investing in galaxy homes. All they do is lie and cheat. If anyone has read their sale agreement, they have made sure that all the clauses that helps them escape and cheat people are very clear. Infact they keep repeating those clauses again and again. Not only that they put unnecessary clauses in it that have nothing to do with galaxy or the buyers. BUT when it comes to the buyers rights it is fluid and ambiguous. No clear details of buyers rights are given. The wording is such that it seems that the buyers are cheaters and not the builders. When asked to explain the ambiguous clauses, they are more than willing to verbally explain but refuse to give it in writing. If a buyer signs this agreement and has to go to court, it will be against the buyer. All the employees we have come across, lie right to our faces. When we catch them in these lies, they backtrack and pretend they didn’t mean it the way it came out. Do not trust them in anyway. They make grand gestures, promises and give very appealing offers to lure you in and trap you.