99.99% of all their Google reviews are 100% fake

99.99% of all their Google reviews are 100% fake. These reviews have been obtained before the process starts. It’s a great money trap. Please be extremely careful about their friendly talks filled with false promises. They are 100% money-minded looters of the earnings of totally innocent people. Please don’t pay a single rupee until your express entry profile gets created. They will give you all sorts of false hopes and show cooked up documents during your first meeting. Blame games and excuses are part and parcel of their everyday life. Kindly be very careful with your hard-earned money before signing any document with #DMConsultants – it’s a total waste of time, effort and money to believe in everything they say before the process actually starts. If I had an option to give minus ratings, I would have given minus 5 stars. It’s just a matter of time that more people will open-up about DM Consultants’ money-looting business practices. Their managers will trick innocent people to write positive Google reviews for their organization and make more money from it. They will promise to resolve the inconveniences caused by them but will not bother to resolve it properly.