2 years already, nothing happened

2 years already, nothing happened. submitted all docs-nothing happened. People, google reviews especially if its positive can be bought okay? So don’t believe in the good reviews. Ask the clients who paid them but wasted all our efforts are in vain. Ask me, I will tell you what’s our experience with DM consultants and you will know that you have to process by yourselves. I will tell you the procedure:
1. DM consultants will talk very sweet with high notes that you have the chance to go Canada in 6 months because your profile is good.
2. You paid and signed the contract. All the documents they required will be worked up by you, not them. ECA, IELTS and etc.
3. Their staff are like cotton balls going here and there, talking with so many ” case officers”. I had 5th now.
4. Take note. THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING unless you call them and talk to them.
5. You will received updates of Canada draw (wherein fact all these details are available online anywhere) so DM consultants is not doing anything special.
6. DM will waste your time, money and effort till all your docs are expired ( IELTS is valid for 2 years, while ECA is 5 years). DM consultants will make sure that one of your documents will expire so you’re stuck with them. They sense when you want to change the consultant company so they’ll make it hard for you to retrieve your documents from them.

Bad experience. Very unsatisfactory. Look for anyone else. Don’t get fooled like me.