Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon

Posted on May 24, 2021
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Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon


Dr Anh Nguyen MD is a Doctor primarily located Webster, TX. Dr Anh Nguyen is board certified plastic surgeon specializing in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. He earned his medical degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and completed a plastic surgery residency at the University of Southern California Medical Center, Los Angeles, California. Dr Anh Nguyen interests are broad. On the aesthetic side, he is developing a practice that encompasses cosmetic surgery of the face and body, with a focus on facial bone contouring and jaw surgery, fat transfer, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty, as well as Asian cosmetic surgery.Dr. Anh Nguyen is committed to the education and training of future generations of plastic surgeons at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.


As per Dr Anh Nguyen MD Reviews she is having a flourishing plastic surgery practice in Webster, TX Surrounding areas. Basis Dr Anh Nguyen Reviews she believes his candid approach and the better educated the patient is the better they will be able to make the right decision and consequently be pleased with their outcomes.Dr Anh Nguyen MD is internationally known for his advance techniques used during surgeries.Dr Anh Nguyen has been honored with multiple awarded.


As per Dr Anh Nguyen Reviews patients have rated him very high consistently for the results he delivered with precision consistency and quality results which can be seen in confidence and smile of his patients after their procedures. Dr Anh Nguyen MD, makes people feel a good, confident about themselves giving confidence by answering their every query setting real expectation before and the procedures and by understanding every patient needs individually.  He has owned his reputation from his work and it was from this business that he has gained his wealth and good reputation for delivering amazing results with the high-quality work that he performs during the plastic surgical procedures for his patients.

DrAnh Nguyen MD Complains / feedback have always helped him in improving his skills and provide best in class services to his patients.

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15 Reviews

  • 15 Ratings
  1. 5
    May 11, 2022

    The best-skilled surgeon

    Dr. Anh Nguyen MD plastic surgeon, is the most experienced surgeon I have met. Her work is meticulous, and Her attention to detail is what makes Her so good at what she does. I am immensely happy with the results and would recommend Her to everyone!

  2. 5
    Mabel Maxwell Mar 11, 2022

    Done great job very perfectly

    Dr Anh Nguyen Plastic Surgeon was the best and very perfect surgeon. My wife has a scar on her face near her chin and recently we heard about Dr Anh Nguyen from our family friends and really loved their services. He done my wife surgery very perfectly and my wife’s scar was completely hidden now and all this credit only goes to Dr Anh Nguyen.

  3. 5
    Miki Demeter Mar 05, 2022

    Highly Cared and Perfect Plastic Surgery

    I absolutely love Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon and his staff. They helped me out with everything and were very friendly. I got top surgery from him coming up on 2 years on Dec 21st. She fit me right into the schedule, exactly when I wanted to get my surgery done. She did an amazing job on my chest. I get a lot of compliments on it and a lot of guys jealous of how fast/much my scars have faded. I highly recommend Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon to anyone looking to get top surgery!

  4. 4
    Jasmin Sood Feb 26, 2022

    Perfect and Well Services

    Dr. Anh Nguyen is one of the very perfect and professional plastic surgeons I also had a fracture surgery bye which she did very perfectly and make me looks very perfect and beautiful from before

  5. 5
    Kayla Cruz Feb 16, 2022

    Popular and Very Expert Surgeon

    My son 12 years old fell from the roof by which his face is looking very odd and rough so I contacted Dr. Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon and she did a perfect surgery of him by which his looks get very better and perfect I am, really happy by her work.

  6. 5
    Alfonso Bradtke Feb 08, 2022

    Perfect and Very Good Services

    Dr. Anh has the kindest and warm personality. She makes you feel at ease the moment you start talking to her. Dr. Anh was very supportive throughout making my surgery decision and was upfront with all information and risks involved, making me feel at ease. She is passionate and extremely good at what she does. On the day of surgery, she came in for a chat beforehand and came to check on me after. I really can't say enough kind things about her, she is a wonderful and successful woman while being so down to earth. Thank you Dr. Anh, and to all of your support team as well.

  7. 4
    Alex Richardson Sep 26, 2021

    Dr Anh Nguyen is a great experienced doctor heal my face very perfectly

    I recently fall from stairs and got injured my face by which I seeing very weird so I consult with Dr. Anh Nguyen and she consults me a surgery by which my looks get 100 times better than before.

  8. 4
    Johnny Hopkins Sep 15, 2021

    Very Perfect and Highly Qualified

    Dr. Anh Nguyen was one of the best and perfect plastic surgeons even I had my facial surgery by her which she has done it Very perfectly and professionally add my looks really increased thousand times than before and as per my best experience with her I also recommend others to you done their surgery by Dr. Anh Nguyen

  9. 4
    Payton Murphy Sep 03, 2021

    Best Surgeon with Huge Years of Experience

    Dr. Anh Nguyen was one of the best and highly qualified plastic surgeons with the best experience I also visited so many plastic surgeons regards my old surgery but no one was able to do my perfect surgery and at last, I consulted with Dr. Anh Nguyen and she provides me the best surgery perfectly and without any damage so as per my great experience I also recommend others to turn their perfect surgery with Dr. Anh Nguyen

  10. 5
    Opal B. Green Jul 15, 2021

    Best surgeon with fantastic staff

    Dr. Timothy Alexander is amazing. His staff is also fantastic. Top notch care from him and his team. It was important to me to find a surgeon who cares and Raphael goes above and beyond. I saw other surgeons before Dr. Timothy Alexander and no one I saw could compare to him. He's a true artist in his craft and just an all around great guy.

  11. 5
    Patrick Collins Jul 12, 2021

    Safe and hygienic treatment

    I am finding a Dr. for my figure collection so i get the Dr Anh Nguyen reviews which are very positive so i book an appointment to the Dr Anh Nguyen and she was do my figure surgery very carefully and effectively so i thank to the Dr Anh Nguyen for my better surgery. Thank you!

  12. 5
    William steaves Jul 08, 2021

    Best facial surgeon with high experience

    Before 2 weeks of my hair transplant surgery with 2000 hair follicles my condition is very good. I am very much satisfied with the treatment & the Dr Anh Nguyen MD consultation. I will return for my next batch of hair transplant after 6 months, and the Dr Anh Nguyen reviews are very best and positive. Thanks to Dr Anh Nguyen and his staff.

  13. 5
    Jimmy Jones Jul 01, 2021

    Best Skin Cancer Treatment With Dr. Anh Nguyen MD

    Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon is the best lady surgeon. And they do the surgery especially for ladies. Recently during an car accident my sister was injured and his face was totally disturbed so she look very bad due to injury. So she make my sister’s face as similar to the old one. Thanks Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon. You can also search about Dr Anh Nguyen MD Plastic Surgeon reviews on Internet.

  14. 4
    John Smith Jun 20, 2021

    Best Surgery with Reasonable Prices

    I was go to Dr Anh Nguyen MD for removal of my father's sign of injury. My father's face was injured during an accident. I hear about Dr Anh Nguyen MD from Recent Searches on Internet By Seeing Dr Anh Nguyen MD Reviews Which are very Good so i consult with hem. and talk about the surgery of my father.Dr Anh Nguyen MD tells me the reasonable charges. really the prices are too less then others and the Treatment is Also too good . my father's sign of injury was totally gone. and i am too happy with the surgery. and i also suggest it to all my friends and relatives. Thank you Dr Anh Nguyen MD for make my father well.

  15. 5
    Jack jones Jun 05, 2021

    Facial bones conteration

    Actually My Nose and Other Facial bones were uncontered so I am finding a good and experienced plastic surgeon and I find Dr.Anh Nguyen MD So I Started of My surgery there and I found she has very friendly nature and she takes the proper tests and other needed information and do my safe facial bone countened at very reasonable and affordable fees I had a good experience and I found she was one of the best surgeon in burswood, Australia

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