ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore

Posted on September 1, 2021
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ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore

Comfortdelgro Driving Center Singapore gives comprehensive driving course, in Singapore


Comfortdelgro Driving Center is one of the best and most reputed centers where you can get safe driving lessons. We started with just 6 cars in the year 1996 with a dream to expand and grow with time with our unmatched quality service and determination. And at present, we are running a full-service center with above 250 cars and bikes providing a comprehensive range of driving course that suits your need, in Singapore. All you need to do is book Comfortdelgro driving center appointment. We have an excellent well equipped learning center and up-to-date curriculum to guide our learner’s towards getting them competent enough to drive safely on roads.


Comfortdelgro Driving Center has tech-enabled learning equipment


We have a team of almost 300 skilled and experienced instructors who provide you the proper way to step by step learning according to your own pace of understanding. Comfortdelgro Driving Center has tech-enabled learning equipment to help in your training that includes driver assessment, e-learning, e-trial test. It will help you to self-analyze and also provides you the opportunity to become more and more comfortable and confident on roads. Know us more by reading online our ComfortDelGro Driving Centre reviews. We help you to get the best way to learn the driving skill through well-proven skills.


Comfortdelgro Driving Center offers the following services:


  1. Motorcar Course
  2. Class 2B Motorcycle Course
  3. Foreign License Conversion
  4. Traffic Police Safe Driving Course
  5. Traffic Police DIPS Re-Training
  6. Drive Safe Course


We have perfectly skilled instructors, who are well experienced and friendly


We are one of the best driving centers Singapore, and have a very good passing rate. And the credit goes to our well-equipped way of teaching you to be confident and comfortable will you learn and also we have perfectly skilled instructors, who are well experienced and friendly. They make learning more easy and comprehensive for you. Comfortdelgro Driving Center’s main focus is always making you learn things keeping in touch with safety in the first place. You can enroll yourself anytime with us online through our website. Or for any query of concerns can call us using the phone number provided on our website. Our candidates often leave positive ComfortDelGro Driving Centre reviews online.


Comfortdelgro Driving makes you the best driver on the roads


When you are all determined and feel capable enough to take the control of the wheel, come to Comfortdelgro Driving Center to get that confidence by learning all the detailed and safe points that can make you the best driver on roads. Try learning and finishing your driving course with the best driving centers Singapore. To get the license and become a certified driver under professional guidance following is how you start:

  1. Book a Comfortdelgro driving center appointment
  2. Enroll at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre
  3. Pass your Basic Theory Test and get your Provisional Driving License (PDL)
  4. Driving Lessons
  5. Take your Final Theory Test (FTT)
  6. Driving Test
  7. Get your License
Review & Rating

23 Reviews

  • 23 Ratings
  1. 5
    hanswang nia Jan 25, 2023

    ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore

    Hi, I really feel and appreciate the way this school has taken up the task of making others learn to drive in Singapore, the most crowded and busy place. I took this 15 days course with driver

  2. 4
    leela houks Jan 07, 2023

    Finally gotten my 2B license on 04/01/23

    Finally gotten my 2B license on 04/01/23, after first enrolled on 7/7/22. What a journey it was! Thankful to all the instructors who guided me and gave the tips to handle the bike better. They're all professional and genuine about helping the learners. Though sometimes they may raise their voice to remind you of your mistakes, they're actually looking out for you.

  3. 4
    Izan Ummi Dec 19, 2022

    Among all of the instructor

    Among all of the instructor,I recommend Mr Roy, Mr Kelvin,Mr Asri,Mr Johnson,Mr William,Mr Tay they're very sincere when comes to the lessons n 2 more I forget their name.. These are the names that I really highly recommended to all students. If u all manage to engage them as ur instructor,do appreciate their kindness coz to me they're not stingy to s are all necessary remarks.. For those instructor that managed to make our mind burst can't be mentioned here due to respect their periuk nasi.

  4. 4
    Jatin Jawla Nov 17, 2022

    Good Experience

    1278 mazlan bin Jan is very good instructor he know how to teach to learner easily understand driving method. Strongly recommend. Thank you very much my best instructor.🙏🙏🙏

  5. 5
    Gu Jolia Oct 11, 2022

    wonderful experience

    I had a wonderful experience learning driving at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre. I met a fantastic ComfortDelGro Driving Centre instructor und under his coaching, I managed to pass my driving test on my first attempt. I will definitely introduce my friends to learn driving at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre.

  6. 4
    akriti shukla Aug 26, 2022

    experianced team

    I am able to drive fearlessly even on the busiest of roads. This has to do with the impeccable driving skills which I have learned from Comfortdelgro driving center Singapore. They are the best.

  7. 4
    suprit kaur Aug 18, 2022

    A wonderful experience

    I never thought learning to drive a car would be as easy as shown in the driving class of Comfortdelgro driving center Singapore. It was as easy as it could get. Kudos to their team for such wonderful training.

  8. 4
    Jun 01, 2022

    The best driving center

    The drive safe course I enrolled at the Comfortdelgro driving centre Singapore helped me remove my fear and anxiety related to my car driving. I must say that I haven’t seen any better driving center in Singapore than Comfortdelgro driving school.

  9. 4
    Apr 13, 2022

    Very good instructor

    It was my second driving class at Comfortdelgro driving centre Singapore. The instructor who was instructing me had good knowledge about developing driving skills. I will be attending my next driving session very soon.

  10. 5
    Mar 25, 2022

    best Trainers

    ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore is one of the best driving schools in singapore. Trainer taught me to drive very smoothly and I am able to get my driving license only due to Trainer and thanks to the team of ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore.

  11. 4
    Mar 24, 2022

    Helpful Services

    I wanted to purchase a car but the problem is that i do not know how to drive so i chose Comfortdelgro driving center Singapore to learn driving and due to the professional trainers of Comfortdelgro driving center Singapore i learnt driving completely in a week.

  12. 4
    Mar 16, 2022

    Customized learning at an affordable price

    If you are very new to driving and need to learn driving skills, there is no better place to learn than from Comfortdelgro driving centre Singapore. Here, you will get customized learning at an affordable price. I was a student here, and I have learned a lot from it. Highly recommended.

  13. 4
    Mar 10, 2022

    I am impressed with the services of ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore

    ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore is the best place to learn driving. They teach us driving very clearly and deeply and due to their deep teaching I am able to learn driving and clear driving test their shelter/office is very clean and hygienic and due to their clean and better environment I am impressed by them.

  14. 5
    Mar 04, 2022

    Best driving School in Singapore

    Comfortdelgro driving centre Singapore is amazing driving centre the work according to their name I means that they teach driving very comfortably and very carefully after taking all security precautions and they take care about all kind of the safety of the learner

  15. 5
    Feb 25, 2022

    Professional Coaches

    ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore is one of the best and perfect places to learn driving I also learned it from a very good and expert coach very perfectly and with small precautions and benefits

  16. 4
    Feb 16, 2022

    Excellent Trainer and Teaching

    My sister is gone too crazy to learn to drive but no one has time so she joined the ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore where the professional and genuine coaches teach the students to drive safely and p[erfectly and as per her experience it to be great and very perfect and we also recommend others to join it for learn driving.

  17. 5
    Feb 11, 2022

    Pleasant & Memorable Driving Learning Experience @ CDC.

    During my practical lesson time at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, I was assigned under ONETEAM TEAM 2. I was grateful to be under 1TATEAM2 as, even though I am a slow learner, the instructors were able to adjust to my pace of learning. Overall, during my 6+ months of learning as a school oneteam learner, they never failed to provide me with their professional tips and ways [As well as important points I should take note of] on passing the important modules in the circuit [For the TP Test], as well as on the roads. Additionally, they also never failed to encourage me to become a more confident [And safe] driver on the roads. Both instructors are really patient [And friendly] in their teaching, ensuring that I understand not just the method(s), but also the concept(s) behind the method(s)/ module(s). Even so, they remained professional when it comes to improving myself as a better, safer and responsible driver, through their feedback(s) and lesson recap(s) after I end each driving lesson with them.

    If there are any strong point(s) I would like to highlight about both instructors in 1TATEAM2:
    1) They were also more than willing to answer any questions I do have along the way [Without much judgement], even if these questions are covered previously, repeated or basic.
    2) After each lesson(s), they are not afraid in pinpointing out my areas of improvement, as well as my overall driving performance of the lesson(s).
    3) Be it in the circuits and out on the roads, they are aware [And attentive] on what is happening in their surroundings, and I have never ever seen them once being blur/ not attentive, or not performing their duties as safe and responsible drivers [Even when they are at the passenger seats most of the time]. This helped in preventing me from getting into near accidents throughout my learning journey in CDC. Not only that, but they would also highlight the importance of certain module(s) that are previously covered, as well as giving tips in avoiding them in the future after I pass my TP Practical Test. Throughout my whole learning journey, both instructors displayed exemplary examples on being safe, skilled and socially responsible drivers.
    4) At the last module, they would plan out in advance: The lesson structures, as well as the TP Test Day [And recommended time]. I felt that this was essentially helpful for me mentally, in approaching the TP Test Date, as well as the remaining time I have left in brushing up my weaker module(s) before the TP Test Date.

    I would not have imagined, and wanted any other way for my driving learning experience in CDC. I am thankful for the counter lady at the Customer Service Centre for allocating me to Team 2 under ONETEAM. Most importantly, I am thankful to the ONETEAM Team 2 instructors: Jefferi [CDC Instructor No.: 1024] and Mohamad Zamir [CDC Instructor No.: 1142] {CDC Car No.: #634 for Auto Car}, for giving me a pleasant and memorable experience throughout, allowing me to pass on my 1st attempt for my TP Practical Test! 😊

    If there are any current students who are enrolled in Team 2 under CDC’s OneTeam System, you all can be rest assured that your CDC learning experience, as well as your safety, is in good hands! For any prospect students who are thinking of enrolling into CDC’s OneTeam System, please consider Team 2 as your choice!

  18. 4
    Feb 07, 2022

    Great Instructor and best Services

    I thoroughly enjoyed my 2B journey! The motorbike instructors are genuine and patient. They poke fun at you in the best ways making the whole learning process great! I have some MASSIVE phobia coming to ComfortDelGro Driving Center because of my driving license journey. However, my 2B was 10x better. Wanted to give up on lesson 1 but I'm so glad I didn't. See you, peeps, in a year for my class 2A!! Great end to 2021! Big thank you to the instructors!

  19. 5
    Jan 28, 2022

    ComfortDelGro Driving Centre

    During my time at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, I was under OneTeam Auto Team 5 with Shafeik and Allan as my instructors. Under their guidance, I was able to attain my license within a short time. Both instructors were extremely helpful and effective in their teaching methodology. I only a few lessons with Allan due to the scheduling. In that time, I’ve witnessed his meticulous and safety focus in his teaching. For most of my lesson, I was under the guidance of Shafeik. Shafeik is an extremely encouraging and caring instructor. With his many years of experience, he was able to adjust the lessons according to my learning speed for the respective modules. He was always very cheerful during lessons while still displaying a strong sense of professionalism. Being able to acquire this lifelong skill under his guidance has truly been a pleasure.

  20. 5
    Teng Jun Kai Oct 14, 2021

    Best and Under Budget Services

    I wanted to buy a car but I don't know about driving and after that, I found ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore on the web and ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Singapore reviews on the web are too good I learned driving from here and now I am a perfect driver.

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