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Manta Reviews

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About Manta

According to Manta, “Manta helps small businesses profit, connect and grow through the largest online community dedicated entirely to small business. Millions of people come to Manta each day to buy from, partner with and connect to companies. By joining Manta, small businesses easily harness the power of the Internet.”

For the price of Google Adwords, you’re better off.

Customer service is more concerned on how to service their own business instead of the consumer.

NOTE: If you sign up for the premium listing and want to cancel, make sure you do it before the next billing date of the month. They do not give refunds and if you call to cancel your listing on the day it was registered, it will be another billing cycle (it’s how they “help small business grow”)… so you have to call like a day or two before it is time or wait a whole other month.

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