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MagicJack Reviews

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MagicJack uses your computer and Internet service so you can make local and long-distance calls in the U.S. and Canada with no monthly bills. First you connect any household phone to MagicJack. Then you plug MagicJack into an available USB port on your computer, using the supplied extension cord if needed. Finally you wait for the completion screen to appear for computer phone service while you use your phone like you always have.

MagicJack USB Voice Over IP Yearly Telephone Service for $19.95

  • Requires a computer that operates on Windows XP or Vista, or a Macintosh computer that has an Intel processor, plus one of the following: Broadband, High-Speed Internet, Cable Internet, DSL, Wi-Fi, Wireless, WiMax, or FiOS.
  • Provides voicemail, directory assistance, a phone number, Caller ID, Call Waiting, conference calling, and call forwarding at no extra charge
  • First year of VOIP service is included
  • An additional year of phone service is $19.95

Editor’s note:

  • One of the worst things about MagicJack is their tech support.
  • Quality is not bad, but it’s very unreliable.
  • Contacts at time disappear.
  • Computer must be on, wasting electricity and possible wear and tear on your computer’s components due to having it on for extended periods of time to send/receive calls via MagicJack.
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