Moon Shade Ranch Reviews

Moon Shade Ranch Reviews

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A little about us…

MoonShade Ranch was established inĀ  Clewiston, FL since 2003.

All animals reared on the farm are free from steroids and growth hormones, and enjoy a tranquil environment in which to grow and prosper.

We strive to provide the Muslim community with an Islamic environment in which to fulfill their religious obligations. Special attention is placed on ensuring that the facilities and livestock are available for Ramadan, Eid-ul-Adha, and Haqiqah.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Let us build our community together!

Moon Shade Ranch:


  1. Moon Shade Ranch should be called Moon “shady” ranch as the crooks who run that place are pure evil and stupid people.

    Stay far away from them…far far away.

  2. What can I say about moon shade ranch? They claim their animals are halal? Really they are just a bunch of fraud, their animals are not even their own. They have people who don’t even know how things work on a farm! Save yourself the time, money and effort going all the way there to get lousy service, animals that are harden than the owners heads, and they are rip offs.

  3. These people are very unprofessional and out right stupid. Do they even have a license to run an operation like this? I am going to report them to the authorities as I am seeing a lot of unethical practices there.

    I am not going there ever again and I would tell everyone the same, these people are complete idiots.

  4. I agree, I wouldn’t go with these people. Moon Shade Ranch is not a place known for good quality.

  5. just one word: IDIOTS!

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