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  1. Dr Koni Couts:
    Do not use this dentist!
    We have had over a year of trying to get Dr. Couts to pay her lab bill. We are a small dental lab that provided crowns and bridges to her office. Now, she refuses to pay.
    She won’t take our phone calls, refuses our certified mail, and her bill is almost $8,000.
    At one time, we held several of her cases until she paid us. She promised as soon as she cemented two very large cases, she would pay us. We released the cases, in good faith, and she still did not pay.
    If you go to the Oklahoma State Court Record (just type in OCCN and enter her name in the search) and look her up, you can see her history regarding how she handles business. It is very interesting to read. We have spoken to the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry about her. They say they are working on a case against her and they will try to include our information in with that. They said they really can’t make a dentist pay.
    I would not do business with her. It took a lot of crowns and bridges to get a bill up that high. She has probably made her patients pay their bill to her; sometimes the dentist will even make the patient pay up-front! She will say that she has paid a collection agency for her work but cannot produce any evidence that she has paid. We have nothing! If she did pay, we would have a cancelled check or a bank record. I have talked with Nancy (she sometimes answers the phone at the office) several times and asked for payment or proof that they paid the bill. They are impossible to work with.
    Stay away!

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