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We are a family-owned business that has served both residential and commercial customers in North and South Carolina, since 2001.

All Wood Fences are built custom by hand with only the best Wood Fence products available. The significance of different types of fence depends on why you are building the fence.

Therefore you should carefully choose the proper style of fence to allow the fence to achieve its purpose you desire. Some are built for landscaping design are typically split-rail fence / horse fence and picket fences.

If you want to build for privacy and security, a privacy fence is what you need. Often found surrounding the perimeter of the backyard, privacy fences are constructed out of durable wood, such as pine, cypress, cedar or oak.

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  1. Last spring I was frustrated beyond belief with the Fence companies in the General Raleigh area. This included many firms that were from adjoining counties with a more rural and agricultural clientele. Starting in January I had eight different estimators come to my property to quote me on a one acre horse pasture fence. This pasture was overrun with kudzu and we needed to bring in goats to clean up the mess. My son had cleared all the fence lines of debris, trees, and other issues, All the fence (Red Band form Tractor Supply.) posts, and gates were already purchase and on site. Even after seeing the preparations, walking the lines, and taking measurements I never received a quote from any of these eight firms. I repeatedly called these firms so I could move forward with the project but none had the integrity to just admit they were not interested in the work. This was not a money issue, I had cash and had not mentioned any desired range for cost per foot.

    Quite by accident I got in contact with Fence Masters Unlimited. They came to my property, provided a quote in writing the next day, and started work in two weeks as their other work finished. They did an excellent job on this pasture and I highly recommend this firm if you have fencing needs beyond a 12” x 12” privacy screen on your back porch. BTW the cost was agreeable also.

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