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  1. Comcast is probably the fastest ISP out there, however, their technical support and customer service areas are the complete opposite.

  2. I could tell you a long long saga of my experiences with COMCAST telephone/cable/internet service, and it would resemble many of the tales of woe and frustration that have already been posted. So I’ll try to stick to the unique parts of my story.

    When the COMCAST guys first connected us, one of them managed to push a series of obscure switches on my TV set – apparently without realizing it – so that it killed the sound feature of my TV. He assured me that Comcast had nothing to do with the loss of sound, my TV receiver had simply gone bad. So that evening I rushed off to get a new TV set. When I realized what had really happened, I now had a large TV for the bedroom as well as the old one (with sound restored) in the living room — and it cost me the price of a new TV.

    At some point I lost the cable TV feed. It turns out that some stranger had disconnected a bunch of cables at the outdoor junction box, but I didn’t know that. I did know that nothing had happened indoors to affect our TV. As I was then working a job that made me use up vacation days for personal emergencies, I asked Comcast if their repairman could just fix the problem without anyone being home in my house. Yes, I was assured. Repeatedly. And repeatedly I would come home and find a note “You weren’t home so we turned around and left without doing anything. XOXO Comcast” Promises that the Comcast repairman would also come at dinnertime or after were also broken. By the way these visits were always a few days after the assurance; never the next day. I finally, after several very pointed calls to customer service where I established a sort of relationship with a particular drudge in the Comcast office, I was assured that the repairman positively absolutely come on Thursday, so I used up a vacation day and stayed home on Thursday. All day Thursday. At five o’clock called my drudge, Where is he? and was assured he was on his way. Ditto at six. Ditto at seven. I knew that the customer service office stopped taking calls at nine pm, so at 8:50 I phoned again. The drudge was sincerely concerned and made a few calls of her own — the assigned repairman had simply blown me off and was off duty and unavailable, so she had managed to find a repairman from another neighborhood and he would be there not matter what – but not at 9 pm. About 10:30 pm he showed up – evidently he had to cross most of the state to get to me – and since he was completely unfamiliar with our neighborhood and didn’t have any documentation about it, it took him about an hour to find the junction box in the dark, and solve the problem. Kudos to him and the lady at customer service; bring me the head of the assigned repairman.

    At one point, Comcast decreased the number of channels it was carrying. It didn’t drop the gambling channels, or the home shopping cult channels, or some of those junk public access channels — it dropped (among others) the west coast version of the Premium (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc.) channels. Although these were repeats of what I could still get, they were repeats 3 hours later so that I could see more stuff using the west coast feeds. I felt that I was being cheated and the county office supervising the cable companies (o happy day when I found that such an office exist!!) agreed with me. The county office was a real godsend; a complaint made to them would get a spirited result (but delayed by being sifted through the county office).

    So, as with so many other companies, Comcast has a good product — but lousy customer service.

  3. Comcast customer service is bar none the worst on this planet.

    It’s no wonder we now go to India for tech support, but then again, that’s just as worst.

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