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*** Not all Joomla form extensions are the same! – This one will blow your mind with its features!!! and is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 ***

Also available for Joomla 1.5.x and Joomla 1.7.x for a limited period! You get access to all three versions in the download area!

Building on 8 years of success!

Dont take our word for it please! Go and play with the live hands on demo site where you can play with all the features yourself – for free!

One Click Demo – FREE – No signup needed:

Joomla Forms brings together years of experience and the flexibility of new validation rules, new form previews, new submit actions, new integrations… Almost everything is possible!

* Save to database, export options, unlimited emails
* GPG Encryption built in for secure emails
* SSL Support – force forms to only be accepted over SSL
* UNLIMITED Form generation
* UNLIMITED Form Fields per form
* UNLIMITED Submit Actions per form
* UNLIMITED Form Submissions allowed (Or limit it if you want!)
* HOSTED ON YOUR SITE, and not our servers

* Integrated SPAM PROTECTION (Not Captcha!) transparent and configurable
* Integrated 3rd Party SPAM PROTECTION Plugins

* Compatible with all known SEF Extensions
* Compatible with Joomla 1.5.x AND Joomla 1.7.x AND Joomla 2.5.x
* Requires PHP5+
* Fully Supported! and FREE UPGRADES FOR LIFE
* No other developer has more experience in Form Extensions then Phil Taylor, his first Form component (Phil-A-Form) was the first ever Joomla Forms extension ever created.

* Developed by a Zend PHP5 Certificated Developer !!!

Stop reading this now and go and play with the demo yourself – you will not be disappointed!!!


  1. I purchased this extension as I was looking for a simple contact form that suited my site.
    After installing I had some trouble configuring this for what I needed, and also I found another extension which was plain and simple and just what I needed. Emailed to question about refund since this was quite expensive for something I’ll never be using, I’m thinking now jesus will call me back sooner. They just took the money and never answered

  2. Module never worked, installed it and when i tried to use it it just never stops loading.
    Contacted support who infomed me that they could log in to my back-end and look at the issue, but if they discovered that the module was working they would charge me a minumum of 50£ for the working hours.
    i then asked them if the issue wasn’t with the module to inform me first, as i didn’t want to pay an additional 50£.

    i never heard from them again.

  3. This is the first extension I have paid for and it has put me off paying for any more. I had problems with my install, found no documentation to help solve it. I asked for help from the developer and was replied to relatively quickly but he was rude simply because I did not want to grant him access to my site (is this a normal request?) When I finally got it sorted, I had another small glitch. Ultimately though when up and running it is an excellent extension and easy to use. Needs better documentation and service for paid extension.

  4. Quite disappointed actually, I thought this extension would be a lot more intuitive than it is, as someone who is fairly new to Joomla I was expecting to be able to get to grips with it and produce what I wanted fairly easily, however this was not the case.
    Making a simple two column form is dead easy but anything more than that I found was a lot of trial and error and very frustrating whilst trying to get the various elements to interact.
    Coupled with this, the current lack of any documentation (there’s been a 404 error on it for ages now) and no access to the support forums (where on earth are they? I cant seem to find them anywhere). I keep coming across a support form to fill in which apparently goes directly to Phil Taylor but thus far after three days I haven’t had a reply to what is probably a simple query.
    I’m pretty sure with the support and documentation, (this is a commercial extension) it would be a lot easier to get to grips with, but until I get those two fundamental requirements I cant recommend it or score it any more.

  5. I purchased this, it installed correctly in 2.5. Relatively new to using forms, I first wanted to use this for a complicated form with fields side by side. Not sure if that can be done with this. Later on I have used it for a simple quote request form. My container box is 900px and the labels are configured to take up 50% of the width of their container. I hunted for a CSS file and eventually found one called default.css in which I was able to adjust the label width to 30%. Now it looks quite fine. I would use this for vertical format forms, it seems good for that.

  6. Very poor support, especially for a commercial product

    There are some strange methods used in building this component, all pointing to someone who knows php well enough but not the Joomla framework. This in itself is not the end of the world and this form component can do things others cannot.

    Where it fails miserably is the support. When I submitted a support ticket on Nov 1st I had an autoreply explaining that we would have an answer within 24 hours. We had no reply at all and on Nov 4th Phil kindly closed the ticket without answering the question! Further, the category this ticket was posted in has now been removed so only a J!1.7 category exists.

    We expect good support for paid extensions. and this just isn’t good enough.


    Owner’s reply

    Well you could not be further from the truth. You will find that I, the developer, have been involved with Joomla Framework since its very creation and that bfForms extends the Joomla framework to achieve its goals.

    The support forum is open for business, Its viewable by anyone so we can be judged by that – anyone can visit and see our replies at – I aim to personally reply to all queries within 24 hours, but I have a life too, I get to them as quick as I can on a triage basis (Site outages get priority, questions or niggles get lower pri).

    We pruned the Joomla Forms for Joomla 1.5.x category from our support forum after over six months of emails to customers and a blog post informing of that decision. Unfortunately your post at was also closed in error at that time. Your query was relating to a bug in earlier versions of bfForms and had already been resolved at the time of your query – pointing to the fact that you were not running the latest version. Please upgrade to the latest version and you will see that this bug is resolved.

    If you had approached us before your negative review we would have seen that your thread was closed in error and provided you all the support we could to resolve your issue – as you did not escalate the issue we could not respond to your concerns!!!!

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